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마스터키를 등록하는 과정에서 80400에러가 떴다.

hasp_windows_master.dll 파일을 기본경로에서 찾지 못해서 나는 에러다.
hasp_windows_master.dll 파일을 찾아서 ({Sentinel HASP}\VendorTools\VendorSuite) 시스템 폴더(SysWow64)에 넣어줬더니 해결.


Q: How to resolve Error 80400 on clicking Master Keys tab in Business Studio?


A:  If opening Business Studio and clicking “Master Keys” it reports the error “Unable to load Master Keys, Error 80400”, probably the hasp_windows_master.dll is missing from the folder “C:\Program Files\SafeNet\Sentinel HASP Server\Servers\Sentinel HASP Server”.

Check the system where the Business Studio Server is installed and be sure that the hasp_windows_master.dll is in the following folders:

       C:\Program Files\SafeNet\Sentinel HASP Server\Servers\Sentinel HASP Server

       C:\Program Files\SafeNet\Sentinel HASP\VendorTools\VendorSuite

       C:\Program Files\SafeNet\Sentinel HASP\VendorTools\Common\Factory

With 5.1 where Business Studio is supported over 64bit, if Master key is not visible in BS, we need to make sure that along with above mentioned directory paths, hasp_windows_master.dll is available in system path C:\WINDOWS\SysWOW64 and/or \System32

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